John Dodelande, a businessman determined to conquer the Chinese Contemporary Art market

If John Dodelande, based in Georgia, has managed to conquer the Silk Road market and become part of the new entrepreneurial generation, he is also known as a fervent defender of contemporary Chinese art, which he passionately tries to promote across the globe. 

John Dodelande has always had a single objective: to strengthen the links and establish even the smallest of cross-border connections between museums, galleries, public foundations and private collections. To turn his project into reality, he has thus built the Tbilisi Art Centre, a non-profit organisation specialising in contemporary Chinese art.

Its aim is to do its best to ensure that Chinese culture goes beyond its own borders and takes over the European market. Through partnerships with leading international curators and by creating exhibitions in various Eastern countries along the Silk Road, John Dodelande has finally succeeded in attracting the attention of collectors from all over the world to Chinese artists and their most famous and rising works. 

We are perfectly positioned, geographically and culturally, to serve as a bridge between Chinese artists and Western collectors.

John Dodelande

Through numerous exhibitions, from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan, via Georgia, John Dodelande quickly attracted the attention of the general public. If this collector makes the artistic world vibrate across borders, it is thanks to many events. Among them, we can mention “Enlightening Times”, exhibited in Hong Kong in 2019. Thanks to this project and through the presentation of two contemporary Chinese artists, Wang Guangle and Li Shurui, the man has succeeded in highlighting the illusions of illumination that the artists have tried to achieve using time and space as parameters.

These various events are part of a longer-term project: to spread Chinese art beyond the Eastern borders so that each one of us, collectors or simple enthusiasts, can grasp it and recognise these talents still unknown to the European public.  

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