Palantir Technologies : A forward-looking way of analyzing data

Over the years, big data has reached into every aspect of society, causing incredible opportunities as well as threats to come forward, making it hard for it to be optimized.

Yet, since 2004 one company has offered to analyse Big Data and help make sense out of the numbers. Its name : Palantir Technologies.

A complete digital support for companies

Various industrial areas nowadays cannot deny the need for mass data to reveal technology’s full potential, when collected in huge amounts. Whether it is for health, finance, the production of goods and services, this data can facilitate human analysis when dealt with the way we would deal with code.

Palantir Technologies developed two distinct softwares, Palantir Gotham and Palantir Foundry, designed to be used by big industrial groups. While the first one is more related to specific informational themes, the second one was created for individual operational sectors. But they both have one goal in common : translating hundreds of databases into the human language, by creating correlations that were not detectable by a human eye until then.

By means of those personalized solutions, Palantir rapidly became a reference when talking about data analysis, particularly in aeronautics. For instance, since 2015 it has developed a software specially created for French Airbus plane manufacturer, allowing it to link all types of technical and manufacturing information between airline companies flying with Airbus. This enables for massive time and costs savings, by simply regrouping data for the same purpose.

The biggest institutions are calling for Palantir too

In The Lord Of The Rings, the famous trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien, the Palantir is a vision stone used to see past or future events in other parts of the world. With such a name, the company originating from Palo Alto (CA) was destined to be forward-looking and able to detect and prevent future threats, whilst finding solutions for upcoming challenges.

Several intelligence services across the globe chose to trust the company for the processing of their sensitive data. The CIA in the United States, the DGSI in France, and many other great military and diplomatic states helped build Palantir’s expertise among the best international intelligence departments. But it is truly through actions against terrorism and for the protection of national security that the software has reaped the best results, thwarting several terrorist networks threatening citizen’s wellbeing and security.

Palantir Technologies’ first objective is to respect countries’ national sovereignties, by not interfering with decisions taken by clients at the end of the analysis phase. The final strategy remains within their purview, with the softwares simply being tools that can be used by those who ask for them : they only optimize data, without influencing it in any way.

Efficient team management to guarantee the best data security

Palantir’s success, beyond its cutting-edge softwares, can also be measured by the quality of services provided by its employees. In terms of management, the company organizes its teams in an innovative and success-driven way. By adopting an attitude of mutual trust and by delegating as much autonomy as possible, the exchanges and experimentations bring even more efficiency in service monitoring : autonomy transforms itself into a better client accompaniment.

When companies give Palantir the responsibility of their data, the emphasis is placed on confidentiality and security. Each one of them keeps their own information on their internal network, in an encrypted way, and Palantir only analyzes the content of it, without ever detaining the whole management. This does not affect the effectiveness of the data processing : optimizing them in a responsible way is not incompatible with the guarantee of great results.

Sensitive information might raise questions about the interconnection between big industrial groups and institutions for example. But thanks to its secured data management, Palantir does not require its clients to choose between efficiency, security and respect of citizen’s privacy. Sensitive data already exists, but a strong accountability framework chosen in advance by each party, regulates its use.


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